Holistic Health

Practitioners of holistic health believe that by addressing the root causes of a person’s health issues and taking a comprehensive approach to treatment, they can help the person achieve optimal health and well-being. 

Find your health, energy & beauty the natural way.

About Susanna

I have been a holistic health practitioner for over 25 years helping people recover from all sorts of pain and ill-health. At the same time I have been training holistic  health practitioners in ‘Light Touch’ Therapies enabling them to build thriving practices.

My Specializations

Spinal Touch Course 

We offer spinal touch course in-person in Devon, UK and spinal touch home-study course online

Bio-Stress Release

We offer Bio-Stress release course in-person in Devon, UK and also Bio-Stress release course online. 

Holistic Coaching

I can guide other holistic therapists to  expand their programs and courses online.

Health, Fitness and Beauty

Being a holistic health practitioner, I have a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle and have vast knowledge of health and nutrition. 

How It Works

1. Download the ebook

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2. Book the appointment

Meet Susanna in person via virtual meeting

3. Book the Course

We offer the course for therapists and health practitioners.

4. Holistic Coaching

Need a guide to build your holistic coaching practice

I have been having great results with the Spinal Touch and it is mainly what I do with regard to treatments now. People are coming from recommendations from other people. Thanks so much for the training – I am so pleased I came and did the course as I am enjoying being able to help people who have, in some cases, tried everything else to no avail !!”. – Kinesiologist & nutritional therapist (Sussex).

“Your Spinal Touch Course was one of my very favourite times of the year. Thank you again for a wonderful course, I love the therapy so much and learn more and more each time I practice” – Hypnotherapist & Reiki Practitioner (Staffordshire)

“Spinal Touch is proving a real ‘hit’, being a popular treatment. The local Physiotherapy Department sends a lot of their patients to us and we are able to get impressive results. The treatment never ceases to amaze us; it is quite wonderful”. – Holistic & Beauty Therapist (Kent).

My Practice


website, https://lightouch.co.uk

Devon, UK


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+44 1837 840718

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Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
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